Mount a Dinosaur!

Ride many different types of dinosaurs, each with their own unique abilities and special attacks. Incinerate foes with a fire breathing tyrannosaur, fly a pterodactyl across the skies or jump on your prey while mounted on a raptor!

Travel across the world!

Your journey will take you on an adventure across the land, branching into several paths that lead to your final goal.

Prepare to what awaits ahead!

Manage your items and mounts between each level using the camp screen. Take only what you need to accomplish the next step in your journey!


Dinocide is a place we have not seen before, with monsters of various shapes and sizes roaming the land. These creatures are deadly and quite hungry for a juicy primitive man.


Dark jungles, lava caves, deep oceans, deadly deserts, boundless forests and frozen plains; you need to cross them all. Each environment delivers a specific type of danger, and new inhabitants to encounter.

Classic 8-bit combat system!

From mounts to weapon choices, your character has everything needed to encounter Dinocide's old-school and deadly-effective NES-style combat system!

Collect everything!

Items will be invaluable in your quest to victory. Collect everything you find, from food to replenish your life, dinosaur eggs, weapons, treasures, power-ups and more.

Stone age capitalism!

Why are you collecting all these gems and treasures you ask? That's easy! When you are tired, weak and need help - the only salvation is to buy yourself a new dino and maybe a spare axe!

Everything you will ever need!

With full controller support and Steam Big Picture compatibility, Dinocide can be played like a classic NES game on your TV!